Samstag, 18. Februar 2017

Hallo my dears,

today i post my first review. In a few weeks we will celebrate christmas and most of us need still some presents. That is way I make an review about the hand cream " Douglas Home Spa Spirit of Asia"

Disclaimer: I do not present it for profit. It is just because I like this one very much, but that is only my opionion.

  General facts:

The hand cream is made by Douglas and part of the "Home Spa" product line. It was developend under the "Spirit of Asia" theme.
You can by it in the store and online. You have to pay 1,99€ for 30 ml and 4,99€ for 75ml.
Visiting the store it was only for 4,99€ available.
I know this not the cheaepest one, but that is way you can use it as a present as well. It is defenetlc worth it.


It is said to be without parabens.
My favourite to find out dubios ingredients is: Codecheck

The cream is made of palm oil.  ( just for knowing: palm oil is not harmful for your skin, but it causes the destroying of the tropical rainforest)
It has 5 questionable ingredients:
 propylene glycol,

 polysorbate 20,
 Each of them furthers allergies. 
Some organic creams are better, but a lot of them are worser.



The hand cream ist soft and calming. So it absorbs very quikly into your skin. It cares well but it is not suitable for extreme dry skin.



At first I thought the scent is Boji Berry & Bamboo Milk, because it is written on the packaging.
But I do not agree to it, to my mind it is fresh and fruity. (Maybe like Limonene)
You smell it only for a short time so it is not overpowering.


This is one of my favourite hand creams. I can only recommend it and would buy it again. But I have also present it to my friends, because of the prieze.


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