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DIY Christmas Cards with Design paper

DIY Christmas Cards with Design paper

Christmas is coming soon. That means it is time to think about your Christmas presents. Thinking about presents is for me thinking about gift chards. To my mind they have to be part of each present, because they personalize it allot. In the last years I have just bought them, but I want to make a difference this year. That is why I choose to make my one DIY.

What you need:

1 sheet of white paper
1 Design block ( I made a haul, but only in German)
1 scissor
1 ruler
1 pencil
1 craft punches with your favourite Motive
and glue





1. Take your sheet of white paper and fold it
    in the middle. Then you cut it in the
   middle. Now you have to white gift cards.
   Choose the design paper you favour for
   your gift cards. 

2. I cut off 3 stripes of the design paper. They have to be identical. I choose the width of my
    ruler, but you can take whatever you want. But make sure you can punch your motive out 
    of it. Then you punch on one strip. You can choose on your one how often and which
    motives you take.

3. Take the other to stripes and lay them on your gift card. Put the motives in the middle of
    the stripes.

                      Try a little until you like it. I made several  attempts until I like it.

4. Last but not least you have to fix everything with glue.


1. Take the other card( white paper)  and the rest of your design paper.

2. Put the design paper on one end of the card and try to make sure that the half of your card
     is covered by the design paper.  The strip that you have left put it on the other side of the
     card. Or you have to punch an new stripe.

3.  Put the motives in the middle of both stripes. You have to try again until you like it.

4. Fix everything with the glue.

I hoped you like making these cards and you could understand my instructions. This is my first instruction and as you may have recognized I am not a native speaker. Thatsway it was pretty hard to do so. When something is unclear or you find you would be happy if you contact me and ask.


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